Data Protection During the holidays

Key with christmas tree

The Holiday season is upon us, and most people will spend significantly more time traveling over the next month than they did for the rest of the year. The hours spent in airports on the way to visit family, friends, and loved ones, as well as massive increases in online shopping, both ramp up the [...] Read more »

BYOD Raises Morale; Risks

Bring Your Own Device – BYOD – is gaining popularity within many corporate and organizational structures throughout America and around the world. Sophisticated mobile devices are becoming increasingly ubiquitous in our personal lives, and the majority of American families own at least one “smart” phone or tablet, many of them two or more. It’s no [...] Read more »

2012 Primed For Legal Action & Lawsuits Against Healthcare for Data Breaches

2011 was a banner year, unfortunately, for data breaches in the healthcare sector. Too many hospitals and their patients found themselves battling the release of millions of files of information that contained sensitive financial and medical data. The predictions for 2012 are dire in light of the events of this past year. Headlines already scream [...] Read more »

Dealing with the Culture of BYOD

The look ahead for members of the IT industry will require an increased attention to mobile devices. Added attention on these types of devices is even more of a nightmare as the enterprise or government entity grapples with how to control mobile devices that employees and even third party vendors bring into the corporate or [...] Read more »

Industry Expert: Ulf Mattson, CTO of Protegrity — “Top 5 Security Predictions for 2012″

Dealing with Data Security is again pleased to feature an article written by one of the top industry experts for data security. This week, we present Ulf Mattson, CTO of Protegrity. Mr. Mattson, created the innovative architecture of the Protegrity database security technology. Prior to joining Protegrity, he worked 20 years at IBM in software [...] Read more »

Study of Lost USB Sticks Found 100% Not Encrypted

Sophos, a data protection company, studied 50 USB flash drives that were purchased at an Australian lost property sale and discovered that 66% of them had been infected with malware. As well, the researchers were able to dig up information via the devices about their previous owners, their family, friends and business co-workers. In addition [...] Read more »