Predictions from PandaLabs

Panda-Labs-security software-predictions

PandaLabs has long been one of the most trusted names in computer security, providing reliable cloud-based protection to both enterprises and individuals for a generation. Used as a model for multiple similar cloud-based startups over the last decade, the venerated Panda security suite remains one of the most-downloaded anti-viral and anti-malware suites in existence, and [...] Read more »

Data Protection During the holidays

Key with christmas tree

The Holiday season is upon us, and most people will spend significantly more time traveling over the next month than they did for the rest of the year. The hours spent in airports on the way to visit family, friends, and loved ones, as well as massive increases in online shopping, both ramp up the [...] Read more »

BYOD Implementation: A Primer

BYOD mobile security

Bring Your Own Device – rarely in history has there been a string of four words that strikes so much fear and anxiety into the heart of dedicated IT security managers everywhere. BYOD policies are increasingly common across the corporate landscape. Companies both foreign and domestic have weighed the costs of purchasing new devices and [...] Read more »

Computer Illiteracy in LA County

la county ipad security

Roosevelt High School, along with two other high schools in the Los Angeles area, is calling a halt to a $1 billion computer literacy program just a week after passing out iPad tablets to high school students. The reason? 300 students hacked through iPad defenses, which were intended for “educational use only,” allowing them to [...] Read more »

Diverging Paths on Mobile Security

mobile device security

In a recent press release, Gary Kovacs, the new CEO of global security software company AVG, pinpointed the root cause of a great many security issues concerning mobile device technology. As the former head of Mozilla, Kovacs is not averse to shaking up industry expectations and unapologetically pointing fingers. True to form, the picture Kovacs [...] Read more »

Should FTC Powers Include Cyber Security Mandates?

The Federal Trade Commission made a brave move last Friday in announcing a joint settlement with noted mobile device producer HTC America. In an effort to ensure ongoing protection of consumer data, this settlement compels HTC to develop a series of solutions intended to shore up the security holes presently peppering many of the devices [...] Read more »

Mobile Security in the New Year

Last week we talked about upcoming threats in the IT security industry – new types of exploits and intrusion methods we’re likely to see in larger numbers in the upcoming calendar year. This week, in something of a related story, we take a look at upcoming threats to the mobile device market, and consider a [...] Read more »

Mobile Payments – Yes or No?

A new trend in the tech industry, mobile wallets are increasingly popular with users who prefer the convenience and flash of using smart mobile devices to make and accept monetary transactions. While the technology certainly exists to implement mobile payments across a wide range of industries – Google and iPhone both offer a plethora of [...] Read more »

Dealing with the Culture of BYOD

The look ahead for members of the IT industry will require an increased attention to mobile devices. Added attention on these types of devices is even more of a nightmare as the enterprise or government entity grapples with how to control mobile devices that employees and even third party vendors bring into the corporate or [...] Read more »

Shiny New Objects of Week

3/5/12 A new non-profit collaborative, Trustworthy Internet Movement (TIM) was announced Qualy’s CEO at the 2012 RSA Conference. This non-profit initiative is supported through $500,000 in seed money from Qualys. The focus on this group will be to bring some sanity to Internet security by 2013. The non-profit, TIM is an effort to quickly mobilize [...] Read more »

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