The Battle for Taiwan

taiwan hacking

Chinese cyber attacks have been on the rise for years, and a new battleground is taking shape to the east that may offer valuable insights into the strategies and tactics of both the underground and state sponsored styles of online warfare emerging from the People’s Republic. Taiwan has been a focal point of Chinese hacking [...] Read more »

Shooting Down Firewalls

For all those who are concerned that the government is lagging behind when it comes to meeting modern cyber security threats head on, a ray of hope has emerged from the clouds. The Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association – a non-profit organization that acts as a conduit for IT security information between Homeland Security, [...] Read more »

Breaching the Citadel

MicroSoft is on the warpath, and the target is the Citadel Botnet. A loosely connected global network of computers hijacked by cyber criminals and used to commit crimes, the Citadel has been something of an urban legend for years. Granted, the idea of a shadowy group of hackers implanting malicious instructions into millions of computers [...] Read more »

Israel vs. Anonymous

Israel is still dealing with the aftermath of an electronic siege as the prolific hacking syndicate known only as “Anonymous” initiated a nationwide assault on the Jewish Republic last month, attacking infrastructure, financial, and commercial websites and networks throughout Jerusalem and other cities across the country. The attack was announced early in April via multiple [...] Read more »

FBI Seeks Permission for Friendly Viruses

Last week, the FBI presented a request for a warrant to the United States District Court in Houston, Texas. The warrant sought authority for FBI agents to tap into a computer being used by a group of hackers who were in the process of attempting a wire transfer to move money out of the country. [...] Read more »

Bad Ideas on Cyber Security from the EU

Arguments abound today in the EU regarding the recent release of the European Data Protection Directive – a series of measures intended to increase data security and thwart the efforts of hackers by instituting hard and fast rules on the reporting and management of security breaches in both public and private institutions. At issue is [...] Read more »

Cybersecurity Executive Order Released (Finally)

President Obama’s long awaited Cybersecurity Executive Order was released last week in an effort to gather our nation’s efforts in defending our national assets and taking the fight to those who infringe on our ability to share information reliably. The wait has been long – nearly two years now – since the president made suggestions [...] Read more »

The Persian Empire Strikes Back

New information rolled out last week by the US State and Commerce Departments verify that Iranian nationals are almost surely behind the series of DDoS attacks that have crippled and paralyzed banking institutions across the eastern seaboard over the last two months, indicating that the cyber war between Western countries and tyrannical powers in the [...] Read more »

Hacking For Justice?

Every once in a while, we hear about a hacker who earnestly appears to be acting in the best interest of society. Whether it’s a human rights advocate posting images of “the real story” on a hijacked server, or a fact-finding intrusion that comes up with evidence showing the nefarious deeds of corporate fat cats [...] Read more »

The Future of IT Security

As the New Year draws near, predictions concerning the evolving state of IT security abound. What new exploits will we face in 2013, and what new forms of countermeasures can we hope to see? The face of IT security has changed completely in the last five years, and as technology continues to ramp up toward [...] Read more »

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