Dirty Business

security breaches at work

Antivirus software developer ThreatTrack Security published a survey in October that provides several startling statistics on the state of cybersecurity nationwide. While the high incidence of unreported breaches has already been covered in this week’s Eye-Popping Stat, ThreatTrack uncovered a variety of workplace misadventures that affect a surprising number of large companies. Uncovering a statistic [...] Read more »

Diverging Paths on Mobile Security

mobile device security

In a recent press release, Gary Kovacs, the new CEO of global security software company AVG, pinpointed the root cause of a great many security issues concerning mobile device technology. As the former head of Mozilla, Kovacs is not averse to shaking up industry expectations and unapologetically pointing fingers. True to form, the picture Kovacs [...] Read more »

Who’s Afraid of Scareware?

Scareware is the latest casualty in the war against cyber abuse, as the Federal Trade Commission ruled against Innovative Marketing Inc. to the tune of $163 million in damages. IMI was a pioneering influence in the production of one of the Internet’s most annoying advertising tactics: scareware. Scareware is a repulsive and excruciatingly common form [...] Read more »

How Storytelling Can Improve Cyber Security

It’s no secret that most computer users are technologically illiterate – in fact, the primary strength of modern personal computing is that it can be utilized by individuals who lack a fundamental understanding of software, hardware, or programming in general. So long as Jim the executive assistant and Sally the marketing rep are able to [...] Read more »

Know Your Enemy: The Who’s Who of Hacking

Gone are the days of the lone computer jockey looking for a relatively harmless joyride through a corporate mainframe. Today’s hackers are organized, well-financed, and armed to the teeth with high tech weaponry and a truckload of raw computing power. The reason is simple – there are big bucks to be had in compromising identities, [...] Read more »

Malware on Mobile Phones on the Increase

The Goode Intelligence’s 3rd annual mSecurity Survey has shown that companies and organizations aren’t taking their employee’s “bring your own device” (BYOD) to work seriously.  The survey found that 71% of companies interviewed allowed BYOD smartphone use.  About 47% of these companies said that they are aware that company data was stored on these devices. [...] Read more »