BYOD Implementation: A Primer

BYOD mobile security

Bring Your Own Device – rarely in history has there been a string of four words that strikes so much fear and anxiety into the heart of dedicated IT security managers everywhere. BYOD policies are increasingly common across the corporate landscape. Companies both foreign and domestic have weighed the costs of purchasing new devices and [...] Read more »

Dirty Business

security breaches at work

Antivirus software developer ThreatTrack Security published a survey in October that provides several startling statistics on the state of cybersecurity nationwide. While the high incidence of unreported breaches has already been covered in this week’s Eye-Popping Stat, ThreatTrack uncovered a variety of workplace misadventures that affect a surprising number of large companies. Uncovering a statistic [...] Read more »

Cybersecurity Executive Order Released (Finally)

President Obama’s long awaited Cybersecurity Executive Order was released last week in an effort to gather our nation’s efforts in defending our national assets and taking the fight to those who infringe on our ability to share information reliably. The wait has been long – nearly two years now – since the president made suggestions [...] Read more »

Health and Human Services takes Mobile Security Seriously

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has recently launched a new family of educational websites dedicated to providing health care workers with real-world information on how to secure and use mobile devices during the course of their duties. Located in the “Privacy & Security” section of the website, HHS educational efforts are [...] Read more »

HITRUST Hits the Mark on Cyber Security

While Congress is stalled on efforts to pass effective legislation on new and improved cyber security policies, wheels are turning in the medical sector. In the wake of stalled cyber security mandates and a lack of movement from the White House on the much anticipated but as-yet unseen Cyber Security Executive Order, Senator Jay Rockefeller [...] Read more »

Outsourcing – Why Is It So Politicized?

Both parties and presidential candidates have used outsourcing as a punching bag during the lead up to the election, taking potshots at corporations who employ overseas agencies in fulfilling mission critical services for less money than domestic or in-house solutions. Outsourcing includes a wide range of business services: marketing analysis, database management, software upgrades, photo [...] Read more »

Leon Panetta Warns of Looming Cyber Threats

Last Thursday, Defense Secretary Leon E. Panetta gave a speech at the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum in New York. In his speech, Secretary Panetta warned of a looming “cyber Pearl Harbor,” and painted an ugly picture of the electronic threats we face as a nation. Speaking about the recent technological advances and increasingly [...] Read more »

Who’s Afraid of Scareware?

Scareware is the latest casualty in the war against cyber abuse, as the Federal Trade Commission ruled against Innovative Marketing Inc. to the tune of $163 million in damages. IMI was a pioneering influence in the production of one of the Internet’s most annoying advertising tactics: scareware. Scareware is a repulsive and excruciatingly common form [...] Read more »

Japan Leads the Charge in Cyber Warfare

In a previous post, we discussed the emerging trends in worldwide hacking. The increase in both incidence and virulence of recent attacks is matched with greater amounts of sophistication and financing of hacking groups worldwide. We also talked about cyber syndicates: organized cells of hackers and scammers banding together to bring down large targets in [...] Read more »

How Storytelling Can Improve Cyber Security

It’s no secret that most computer users are technologically illiterate – in fact, the primary strength of modern personal computing is that it can be utilized by individuals who lack a fundamental understanding of software, hardware, or programming in general. So long as Jim the executive assistant and Sally the marketing rep are able to [...] Read more »

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