Unhealthy Data Security

unhealthy data security

Depending on who you talk to, Healthcare.gov, the Health and Human Services website designed to facilitate the upcoming Affordable Care Act changeover, cost us somewhere between $250 and $600 million dollars. While this price tag certainly reflects a tremendous amount of work that may not be immediately apparent – proprietary database construction, software development, and [...] Read more »

NIST Revisited

NIST cybersecurity risk

Last week, we reported on the effects of the government shutdown on the National Institute of Standards and Technology – the federal agency tasked with building the framework for the President’s cybersecurity initiative – and how closing down the NIST and furloughing its employees was not only irresponsible, but defied the rules laid out in [...] Read more »

Will the Government Shutdown Increase the Risk of Cyber Attacks?

NIST shutdown increases cyber risk

Regardless of your preferred political stance, the government shutdown that resulted from the duel in Congress over the Affordable Care Act has created a potential calamity across the data protection sector. As of midnight on October 1st, the National Institute of Standards and Technology has furloughed employees and temporarily suspended operations until the budget crisis [...] Read more »

Computer Illiteracy in LA County

la county ipad security

Roosevelt High School, along with two other high schools in the Los Angeles area, is calling a halt to a $1 billion computer literacy program just a week after passing out iPad tablets to high school students. The reason? 300 students hacked through iPad defenses, which were intended for “educational use only,” allowing them to [...] Read more »

The Battle for Taiwan

taiwan hacking

Chinese cyber attacks have been on the rise for years, and a new battleground is taking shape to the east that may offer valuable insights into the strategies and tactics of both the underground and state sponsored styles of online warfare emerging from the People’s Republic. Taiwan has been a focal point of Chinese hacking [...] Read more »

Shooting Down Firewalls

For all those who are concerned that the government is lagging behind when it comes to meeting modern cyber security threats head on, a ray of hope has emerged from the clouds. The Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association – a non-profit organization that acts as a conduit for IT security information between Homeland Security, [...] Read more »

Israel vs. Anonymous

Israel is still dealing with the aftermath of an electronic siege as the prolific hacking syndicate known only as “Anonymous” initiated a nationwide assault on the Jewish Republic last month, attacking infrastructure, financial, and commercial websites and networks throughout Jerusalem and other cities across the country. The attack was announced early in April via multiple [...] Read more »

Bad Ideas on Cyber Security from the EU

Arguments abound today in the EU regarding the recent release of the European Data Protection Directive – a series of measures intended to increase data security and thwart the efforts of hackers by instituting hard and fast rules on the reporting and management of security breaches in both public and private institutions. At issue is [...] Read more »

China vs. the U.S., Round Two

Last week we discussed the report released by American Cyber Security Firm Mandiant, a report that outlined the connection between the increasing number and virulence of cyber attacks taking place throughout the nation and a cell of hackers in Shangai, China highly suspected of being financed and supported by the Chinese Government. This week, we [...] Read more »

Should FTC Powers Include Cyber Security Mandates?

The Federal Trade Commission made a brave move last Friday in announcing a joint settlement with noted mobile device producer HTC America. In an effort to ensure ongoing protection of consumer data, this settlement compels HTC to develop a series of solutions intended to shore up the security holes presently peppering many of the devices [...] Read more »

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