A Black Hole in the Internet?

BGP global security threat

If you’ve read any tech blogs lately, chances are you’ve encountered numerous stories concerning the recent discovery of massive data interceptions utilizing Border Gateway Protocol. Also variously referred to as the “Internet’s biggest security hole, the “Black hole” exploit, or “BGP syphoning,” we’re going to take a pragmatic look at this new security problem and [...] Read more »

Data Protection During the holidays

Key with christmas tree

The Holiday season is upon us, and most people will spend significantly more time traveling over the next month than they did for the rest of the year. The hours spent in airports on the way to visit family, friends, and loved ones, as well as massive increases in online shopping, both ramp up the [...] Read more »

Taking Responsibility for your Data

An Australian survey conducted by Newspoll in Q2 of this year uncovered an interesting trend in the views of the public regarding mobile device data protection – views that are all too often mirrored on this side of the Pacific. Of the 1,200 Australian and New Zealand residents queried, 80% of respondents felt that service [...] Read more »

Software, not Hardware

Here at DSW, we are consistently flabbergasted by the poor decisions made on enterprise-level data security policies – and these poor decisions are not limited to small-time start-ups, but include large conglomerates and corporations around the world. IT techs and managers know exactly what I mean – chances are you’ve seen more than your share [...] Read more »

Building Best Practices for Health Care Information Security

The Healthcare Sector remains one of the most common targets of electronic interlopers, with a mind-boggling 20 million patient records compromised in the last two years alone, as reported by the Health and Human Services Department. Late last year, in an effort to help stem the hemorrhaging of patient information from health industry servers, the [...] Read more »

BYOD Raises Morale; Risks

Bring Your Own Device – BYOD – is gaining popularity within many corporate and organizational structures throughout America and around the world. Sophisticated mobile devices are becoming increasingly ubiquitous in our personal lives, and the majority of American families own at least one “smart” phone or tablet, many of them two or more. It’s no [...] Read more »

A New Generation of Security Software

If you’ve never heard of BridgeSTOR LLC, you’re about to. A player in both cloud services and security encryption technology, BridgeSTOR has just received a patent application for a new form of security software that promises to deliver increased cloud security and decreased data server workloads across a broad range of industries, especially mobile platforms. [...] Read more »

Mobile Security in the New Year

Last week we talked about upcoming threats in the IT security industry – new types of exploits and intrusion methods we’re likely to see in larger numbers in the upcoming calendar year. This week, in something of a related story, we take a look at upcoming threats to the mobile device market, and consider a [...] Read more »

Mobile Payments – Yes or No?

A new trend in the tech industry, mobile wallets are increasingly popular with users who prefer the convenience and flash of using smart mobile devices to make and accept monetary transactions. While the technology certainly exists to implement mobile payments across a wide range of industries – Google and iPhone both offer a plethora of [...] Read more »

How Storytelling Can Improve Cyber Security

It’s no secret that most computer users are technologically illiterate – in fact, the primary strength of modern personal computing is that it can be utilized by individuals who lack a fundamental understanding of software, hardware, or programming in general. So long as Jim the executive assistant and Sally the marketing rep are able to [...] Read more »

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