The Smart Age

data security in the smart age

As both tech industry workers and consumers, we face a host of challenges. The recent attacks on Adobe, LivingSocial, Target, and Neiman Marcus have put nearly everyone in the country at risk, and the emerging “Internet of Things” promises to compound our security challenges by demanding an entirely new layer of data protection in our [...] Read more »

Retail, Data Security, and Smart Cards

Shopping trolley on button of computer keyboard

Speculation is plentiful throughout the tech sector following a report Friday night from Neiman Marcus. According to the retail giant, they’ve suffered a huge data breach that affects untold thousands of credit card customers. As of this writing, no definitive number has been provided by either Neiman Marcus representatives or credible news agencies, but with [...] Read more »

The Future of Data Security

future data security

With our first editorial of the new year, it makes sense to take a look forward at the emerging trends in the IT sector in an effort to map out where the next phase in the evolution of data security is going to take us. The recent breaches against Adobe, Target, LivingSocial, and SnapChat directly [...] Read more »

Target, the FTC, and Consumer Data

ftc and target data breach

The Target breach last week is still big news, as the central cause of the entire affair was found to be a malware injection that granted access to payment processing servers. The servers have since been purged, and Target handed out discounts to last minute Christmas shoppers as an apology for the hassle. Target representatives [...] Read more »

Lessons from Target

target data breach

Without a doubt, the biggest IT news this week is the massive data breach suffered by the Target retail chain. As many as 40 million Target customers had their personal and credit or debit card information compromised in the intrusion, making this the second largest electronic security breach in US history, surpassed only by the [...] Read more »

Data Protection During the holidays

Key with christmas tree

The Holiday season is upon us, and most people will spend significantly more time traveling over the next month than they did for the rest of the year. The hours spent in airports on the way to visit family, friends, and loved ones, as well as massive increases in online shopping, both ramp up the [...] Read more »

BYOD Implementation: A Primer

BYOD mobile security

Bring Your Own Device – rarely in history has there been a string of four words that strikes so much fear and anxiety into the heart of dedicated IT security managers everywhere. BYOD policies are increasingly common across the corporate landscape. Companies both foreign and domestic have weighed the costs of purchasing new devices and [...] Read more »

Data Security is Everyone’s Business

business data security

In light of recent data attacks against major portions of the economy – ranging from the health sector to education to finance – we here at DSW are consistently flabbergasted with how many enterprises exist that still do not have a comprehensive data security plan in place. Not only is poor or non-existent data security [...] Read more »

Dirty Business

security breaches at work

Antivirus software developer ThreatTrack Security published a survey in October that provides several startling statistics on the state of cybersecurity nationwide. While the high incidence of unreported breaches has already been covered in this week’s Eye-Popping Stat, ThreatTrack uncovered a variety of workplace misadventures that affect a surprising number of large companies. Uncovering a statistic [...] Read more »

Unhealthy Data Security

unhealthy data security

Depending on who you talk to,, the Health and Human Services website designed to facilitate the upcoming Affordable Care Act changeover, cost us somewhere between $250 and $600 million dollars. While this price tag certainly reflects a tremendous amount of work that may not be immediately apparent – proprietary database construction, software development, and [...] Read more »

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