What To Do if your Small Business is Hacked

small business data security

CNN, PCWorld, and the Harvard Business Review have all published recent articles on the upward trend in hacker attacks against small businesses throughout the country. The shift from large corporate targets to smaller operations makes sense from the view of a cyber criminal: with more and more business data being stored locally by companies of [...] Read more »

The Great LinkedIn Lawsuit

Linkedin data security lawsuit

A previously dismissed lawsuit against LinkedIn has once again emerged in the news, as Khalilah Wright – the sole remaining plaintiff in what was once a class action complaint – has pivoted her litigation around a new claim that the social media giant used outdated and obsolete data security measures. The story so far: a [...] Read more »

A Sign of the Times

new york times hacked

The NY Times website came down last week, marking the second time in a month that the venerated news agency suffered a prolonged service interruption. While the first outage has been identified as an internal error likely caused by an overworked, underpaid, and thoroughly remorseful IT technician, the cause of this latest outage was far [...] Read more »

Shooting Down Firewalls

For all those who are concerned that the government is lagging behind when it comes to meeting modern cyber security threats head on, a ray of hope has emerged from the clouds. The Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association – a non-profit organization that acts as a conduit for IT security information between Homeland Security, [...] Read more »

First Generation Android Virus Discovered

An interesting development in the mobile device world is developing, thanks to research performed by global anti-virus and software security company Symantec. It appears that the first of what will undoubtedly be many fake antivirus programs targeted at Android devices has been captured. The app – listed under the moniker “Android Defender” – is a [...] Read more »

FTC v Wyndham

A mounting legal battle between the Wyndham Hotel chain and the FTC highlights a crucial lesson in data management. And if you travel regularly, for business or pleasure, it’s worth taking note of the details of this case. According to the FTC, the Wyndham Hotel chain has been negligent in their efforts to provide data [...] Read more »

HIMSS 2013 Shines a Light on Health Care Cybersecurity

The 2013 Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) annual conference took place earlier this year in New Orleans, Louisiana, and while the content was tailored specifically for the health care industry, much of what was shared at this event can be folded into the strategies of data protection specialists across a broad range of [...] Read more »

A Clear Picture from Verizon

Verizon has just released the 2013 Data Breach Investigations Report, a collection of research and insight from 19 highly placed organizations around the world dedicated to understanding and preventing cyber attacks. A library of information, a host of predictions, and numerous calculated trend spotting strategies span the length of the 62 page report, and while [...] Read more »

Software, not Hardware

Here at DSW, we are consistently flabbergasted by the poor decisions made on enterprise-level data security policies – and these poor decisions are not limited to small-time start-ups, but include large conglomerates and corporations around the world. IT techs and managers know exactly what I mean – chances are you’ve seen more than your share [...] Read more »

Four Easy Ways to Mess Up Your IT Policy

Here at DSW, we burn through a great deal of material on data security policy during an average week, and we encounter a wide range of actions, reactions, procedures, and strategies that involve just about every facet of the IT industry. As a result, we get to see first-hand the decisions made by IT managers [...] Read more »

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