Predictions from PandaLabs

Panda-Labs-security software-predictions

PandaLabs has long been one of the most trusted names in computer security, providing reliable cloud-based protection to both enterprises and individuals for a generation. Used as a model for multiple similar cloud-based startups over the last decade, the venerated Panda security suite remains one of the most-downloaded anti-viral and anti-malware suites in existence, and [...] Read more »

A Black Hole in the Internet?

BGP global security threat

If you’ve read any tech blogs lately, chances are you’ve encountered numerous stories concerning the recent discovery of massive data interceptions utilizing Border Gateway Protocol. Also variously referred to as the “Internet’s biggest security hole, the “Black hole” exploit, or “BGP syphoning,” we’re going to take a pragmatic look at this new security problem and [...] Read more »

Data Protection During the holidays

Key with christmas tree

The Holiday season is upon us, and most people will spend significantly more time traveling over the next month than they did for the rest of the year. The hours spent in airports on the way to visit family, friends, and loved ones, as well as massive increases in online shopping, both ramp up the [...] Read more »

Dirty Business

security breaches at work

Antivirus software developer ThreatTrack Security published a survey in October that provides several startling statistics on the state of cybersecurity nationwide. While the high incidence of unreported breaches has already been covered in this week’s Eye-Popping Stat, ThreatTrack uncovered a variety of workplace misadventures that affect a surprising number of large companies. Uncovering a statistic [...] Read more »

A Report from the Front

whos winning the cyber war

Bad news this week, as the accounting branch of Ernst & Young has recently released their 16th annual Global Information Security Survey for 2013. The report showcases the increasing incidence, virulence, and complexity of cyber threats throughout the IT sector, as well as highlighting a deceleration in the development of affordable and effective countermeasures that [...] Read more »

The Blame Game

It security blame game

It’s a sad but true fact that corporate America loves to play the blame game, and many an IT Manager has been called on the carpet to answer for mistakes made higher up the food chain. While assigning blame does have value – it can help us root out a problem with a specific vendor, [...] Read more »

NIST Revisited

NIST cybersecurity risk

Last week, we reported on the effects of the government shutdown on the National Institute of Standards and Technology – the federal agency tasked with building the framework for the President’s cybersecurity initiative – and how closing down the NIST and furloughing its employees was not only irresponsible, but defied the rules laid out in [...] Read more »

Will the Government Shutdown Increase the Risk of Cyber Attacks?

NIST shutdown increases cyber risk

Regardless of your preferred political stance, the government shutdown that resulted from the duel in Congress over the Affordable Care Act has created a potential calamity across the data protection sector. As of midnight on October 1st, the National Institute of Standards and Technology has furloughed employees and temporarily suspended operations until the budget crisis [...] Read more »

Computer Illiteracy in LA County

la county ipad security

Roosevelt High School, along with two other high schools in the Los Angeles area, is calling a halt to a $1 billion computer literacy program just a week after passing out iPad tablets to high school students. The reason? 300 students hacked through iPad defenses, which were intended for “educational use only,” allowing them to [...] Read more »

What To Do if your Small Business is Hacked

small business data security

CNN, PCWorld, and the Harvard Business Review have all published recent articles on the upward trend in hacker attacks against small businesses throughout the country. The shift from large corporate targets to smaller operations makes sense from the view of a cyber criminal: with more and more business data being stored locally by companies of [...] Read more »

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