A Report from the Front

whos winning the cyber war

Bad news this week, as the accounting branch of Ernst & Young has recently released their 16th annual Global Information Security Survey for 2013. The report showcases the increasing incidence, virulence, and complexity of cyber threats throughout the IT sector, as well as highlighting a deceleration in the development of affordable and effective countermeasures that [...] Read more »

NIST Revisited

NIST cybersecurity risk

Last week, we reported on the effects of the government shutdown on the National Institute of Standards and Technology – the federal agency tasked with building the framework for the President’s cybersecurity initiative – and how closing down the NIST and furloughing its employees was not only irresponsible, but defied the rules laid out in [...] Read more »

Will the Government Shutdown Increase the Risk of Cyber Attacks?

NIST shutdown increases cyber risk

Regardless of your preferred political stance, the government shutdown that resulted from the duel in Congress over the Affordable Care Act has created a potential calamity across the data protection sector. As of midnight on October 1st, the National Institute of Standards and Technology has furloughed employees and temporarily suspended operations until the budget crisis [...] Read more »

What To Do if your Small Business is Hacked

small business data security

CNN, PCWorld, and the Harvard Business Review have all published recent articles on the upward trend in hacker attacks against small businesses throughout the country. The shift from large corporate targets to smaller operations makes sense from the view of a cyber criminal: with more and more business data being stored locally by companies of [...] Read more »

Black Hats in Vegas

black hat security conference

For 16 years now, the Black Hat Conference in Las Vegas has set the standard for data security conferences across the US. IT security professionals and software vendors from around the globe converge on Las Vegas to discuss the largest, most interesting, and most terrifying threats emerging in the wild, and to provide both a [...] Read more »

The Battle for Taiwan

taiwan hacking

Chinese cyber attacks have been on the rise for years, and a new battleground is taking shape to the east that may offer valuable insights into the strategies and tactics of both the underground and state sponsored styles of online warfare emerging from the People’s Republic. Taiwan has been a focal point of Chinese hacking [...] Read more »

Breaching the Citadel

MicroSoft is on the warpath, and the target is the Citadel Botnet. A loosely connected global network of computers hijacked by cyber criminals and used to commit crimes, the Citadel has been something of an urban legend for years. Granted, the idea of a shadowy group of hackers implanting malicious instructions into millions of computers [...] Read more »

HIMSS 2013 Shines a Light on Health Care Cybersecurity

The 2013 Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) annual conference took place earlier this year in New Orleans, Louisiana, and while the content was tailored specifically for the health care industry, much of what was shared at this event can be folded into the strategies of data protection specialists across a broad range of [...] Read more »

Anonymous Attack Stymied

Something interesting happened last month. The infamous international hacking syndicate known as “Anonymous” threatened to attack a wide variety of websites belonging to the government, financial institutions, and critical infrastructure within the United States. Those who’ve heard of Anonymous in the past surely aren’t surprised at the brazen nature of the threat, nor would they [...] Read more »

Under Siege

There’s a new saying circulating the IT world, and it’s as accurate as it is disturbing. With regards to data security, there are only two types of companies: those that have recently suffered a data breach, and those that don’t know they’ve recently suffered a data breach. The increasing sophistication of cross-platform viruses, zero day [...] Read more »

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