A Black Hole in the Internet?

BGP global security threat

If you’ve read any tech blogs lately, chances are you’ve encountered numerous stories concerning the recent discovery of massive data interceptions utilizing Border Gateway Protocol. Also variously referred to as the “Internet’s biggest security hole, the “Black hole” exploit, or “BGP syphoning,” we’re going to take a pragmatic look at this new security problem and [...] Read more »

A New Generation of Security Software

If you’ve never heard of BridgeSTOR LLC, you’re about to. A player in both cloud services and security encryption technology, BridgeSTOR has just received a patent application for a new form of security software that promises to deliver increased cloud security and decreased data server workloads across a broad range of industries, especially mobile platforms. [...] Read more »

Mobile Payments – Yes or No?

A new trend in the tech industry, mobile wallets are increasingly popular with users who prefer the convenience and flash of using smart mobile devices to make and accept monetary transactions. While the technology certainly exists to implement mobile payments across a wide range of industries – Google and iPhone both offer a plethora of [...] Read more »

Know Your Enemy: The Who’s Who of Hacking

Gone are the days of the lone computer jockey looking for a relatively harmless joyride through a corporate mainframe. Today’s hackers are organized, well-financed, and armed to the teeth with high tech weaponry and a truckload of raw computing power. The reason is simple – there are big bucks to be had in compromising identities, [...] Read more »

The Impending Password Holocaust


We are in the midst of a perfect storm capable of compromising even the most hardened servers. The combination of lackluster security in user chosen passwords coupled with the increasing sophistication, availability, and raw power of password hacking utilities threatens nothing less than life as we know it. We all have dozens of passwords scattered [...] Read more »

The DoE and Cyber Security: Cross Your Fingers


The Department of Energy (DoE) has issued a memo to power companies nationwide, urging each of them to found an internal Cyber Security Governance Board tasked with locking down virtual security and increasing protection against electronic intrusion. As outlined in the DoE proposal, energy providers should appoint a senior executive for cyber security, that this [...] Read more »

The 2011 Global Encryption Trends Study

The publication of the 2011 Global Encryption Trends Study has been announced by the independent research organization, Ponemon Institute.  Their report reveals that encryption is considered a “strategic issue” and that organizations are ramping up their investments in encryption.  This increase is due to new regulatory compliance mandates and ongoing cyber attacks. Ponemon researchers talked [...] Read more »

A Bruce Schneier Interview

Dealing with Data Security continues to be honored to reprint articles from data security industry experts.  A few months ago was our first reprint of an article by Bruce Schneier.  We’ve also had Ulf Mattsson, CTO of Protegrity contribute an article as well.  For this week, we present an interview with Mr. Schneier.  He is the author of such books as Beyond Fear, Secrets and [...] Read more »

2012 Primed For Legal Action & Lawsuits Against Healthcare for Data Breaches

2011 was a banner year, unfortunately, for data breaches in the healthcare sector. Too many hospitals and their patients found themselves battling the release of millions of files of information that contained sensitive financial and medical data. The predictions for 2012 are dire in light of the events of this past year. Headlines already scream [...] Read more »

Large Sector Attacks Likely in 2012 According to McAfee Report

McAfee, the security division of Intel issued a report titled “2012 Threat Predictions Report”. In the report, the company focuses on some large industrial sectors that in their estimation will suffer from cyber attacks in the coming year. These industrial sector cyber attack in their forecast would include such large and important industrial components as [...] Read more »

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