Firefly Released

Juniper Networks has finally unveiled the much anticipated Firefly Suite – a virtualized security platform that provides a tunnel of data protection to and from the cloud. Incorporating the newly designed Firefly Perimeter, a virtual realization of the Juniper SRX Service Gateway, the Firefly Suite is both granular and dynamic, and can be easily embedded [...] Read more »

New Bill Augments User Security

This week’s shiny new object arrives gift wrapped from Washington D.C., as legislators on both sides of the aisle have come together to pass a bill that mandates the prompt informing of citizens in the event of a data breach on Prior to the passage of this bill, the White House was not obligated [...] Read more »

Quantum Computing – Finally Here?

Quantum computing may have finally arrived, as a recent article in the Washington Post details the $80 million federal project aimed at birthing a new generation of computing technology. According to documents provided by computer science specialist and NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, quantum computing has the power to revolutionize the way information is stored, shared, [...] Read more »

Build Your Own Cloud

In a bold move, computer component manufacturer Acer has shifted gears and delved into the software provision market, hoping to spark interest in a new offering dubbed “Build Your Own Cloud.” The new service will capitalize on Acer’s 2011 acquisition of cloud provider iGware, and aims to empower users to create customized cloud environments that [...] Read more »

Comprehensive Cloud Security

PerspecSys, a global provider of cloud data protection solutions for enterprise level businesses, announced last Thursday that they are extending their award-winning AppProtex cloud gateway platform to envelop both DropBox and Box file sharing applications, allowing enterprises to augment protection on existing low-security cloud storage. The new AppProtex extension uses an enterprise-managed token system to [...] Read more »

Dell Announced New EMM Suite

Dell is gearing up to release a new Enterprise Mobile Management platform in Q1 2014, geared toward large businesses at home and abroad. The EMM suite promises to provide administrators with greatly improved security and facilitation options for tablet, smartphone, and laptop integration, including a wide range of BYOD features for employees who use personal [...] Read more »

Have You Been Pwned?

Australian software developer Troy Hunt offers a shiny new holiday gift for those who are concerned that their personal information may have been compromised in one of several recent high profile data breaches. Compiling the data base dumps recently stolen from Yahoo!, Sony, Stratfor, Gawker, Pixel Federation, and Adobe, Hunt’s quick and easy web too [...] Read more »

Fujitsu Launches Hi-Tech Laptop Biometric Security

Fujitsu just announced the upcoming launch of a new laptop that uses a unique biometric security system. The new Celsius H730 features Fujitsu’s patented PalmSecure scanning technology that visually reads the veins in the user’s palm to provide authentication. Aimed at business and government workers, PalmSecure is similar to high end biometric security systems used [...] Read more »

Voxer Business App Gets an Update

Voxer released an upgrade to their mobile security app last week, boasting enhanced security policy management features and a more robust architecture that handles threats faster and more efficiently. The Voxer Business App now provides Single Sign On and API capabilities that integrate with existing business infrastructure, reducing the need for multiple logins and expediting [...] Read more »

Aljex Expansion Completed

This week’s shiny new object is actually an entire operations center. Aljex software and Zimcom Internet Solutions have banded together to open a new Tier-IV data center in Cincinnati, Ohio, offering ultra-fast, ultra-secure, and ultra-redundant cloud-based data storage for clients on both coasts. The Tier IV rating means the new data center meets or exceeds [...] Read more »

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