Starbucks Scare Overhyped?

A security hole in the Starbucks app discovered by security researcher Daniel Wood reportedly put nearly 10 million users at risk, but it now appears that initial reports on the vulnerability may have been blown out of proportion. While a fault in the app did allow a user to find an unencrypted copy of their [...] Read more »

Killing the Messenger

An Australian teen who discovered a security hole in the website belonging to the Transport Department of Victoria – Australia’s version of the Department of Transportation – was shocked to find out that his reward for reporting the vulnerability was a trip to jail. After notifying the TDV of the security hole, 16 year old [...] Read more »

Sercomm Router Bug Affects Multiple Product Lines

Several router products from Sercomm are confirmed to have potential security gaps that could provide unauthorized access to your internal network or your router settings. A few lines of clumsy debugging code in Sercomm firmware were discovered by French reverse-engineering hobbyist Eloi Vanderbeken, and updates are now being pushed out by vendors in response to [...] Read more »

SnapChat Vulnerabilities Identified

Hip and popular mobile picture sending app Snapchat may be hiding a dark secret. While the service claims to give users the ability to post self-deleting images and that can only be viewed for a short period of time, security experts at Day Zero recently discovered that local copies of the images are actually on [...] Read more »

Vulnerability Discovered in Samsung Mobile Devices

Samsung users take note – a vulnerability has been discovered in Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Tab3 mobile devices that could allow access to sensitive personal information, including names, addresses, and passwords, over unsecured WiFi networks. Initially discovered by Mediatek Digital, the security hole was first reported by German news outlet Heise Security last week, and [...] Read more »

Social Media Integration Remains Risky

Improper social media integration may be a far more dangerous security gap than most businesses realize, according to a recent study from Chicago-based auditing and advisory firm Grant Thornton. According to GT researchers, while 4 out of 5 businesses worry about the security risks associated with connecting to social media sites, less than 1 in [...] Read more »

This is your Last Warning

Microsoft has officially stopped supporting Windows XP and Server 2003, as a recently discovered security hole in the antiquated operating systems will NOT be fixed in the upcoming round of patches scheduled for implementation this week. While there is a workaround for the critical hole in a kernel component of both XP and Server 2003, [...] Read more »

Drupal Users – Update ASAP!

It has recently been discovered that highly popular and widely used content management system Drupal is riddled with security holes ranging from the alarming to the amusing. Since last August, potential pitfalls in the Drupal system include: cross-site request forgery and/or scripting vulnerabilities, questionable security regarding code execution, mismatched security token validation protocols, and a [...] Read more »

Healthcare Website Riddled with Holes

Four independent cybersecurity experts, including David Kennedy, the CEO of IT firm TrustedSEC, and Fred Chang, a former research director for the NSA, testified to Congress last week that the website is riddled with security holes. Three of the four experts went so far as to recommend restarting the project from scratch rather than [...] Read more »

Critical Patch for Google Chrome

An emergency information security update was released last Friday for the popular browser Google Chrome, shoring up critical vulnerabilities that could allow a hacker to compromise a computer system and run remote code without the authorization of the user. Discovered as part of the Pwn2Own competition in Tokyo, the team who uncovered the exploit was [...] Read more »

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