Tech Sector Faces Massive Jobs Deficit

Cisco’s 2014 Annual Security Report reveals a concerning trend in the tech sector – even as overall data security vulnerability nationwide crests a ten-year high, there is a global shortage of nearly 1 million skilled information security professionals. Without a workforce that can provide the skill and talent necessary to shore up data defenses in [...] Read more »

Target Data Breach Tops 100 Million Affected

New information has been released by Target following the massive data breach affecting shoppers who used Target Redcards during the holiday shopping season: Initial estimates were that 40 million accounts had been compromised by hackers, but a recent announcement from Target reveals that nearly 110 million accounts were hijacked, making this one of the top [...] Read more »

Tailored Malware, Phishing Attacks on the Rise

The use of tailored software to penetrate security is on the rise, as over 66% of companies report being the target of viruses, trojans, worms, or other forms of malware specifically designed to defeat their security systems, according to the Global Corporate IT Security Risks 2013 survey from Kaspersky Lab. In addition to an increase [...] Read more »

Global Data Center Security Market on the Rise

Dallas-based marketing analytics and forecasting firm M&M recently released a report that predicts an overall value of over $13 billion in the global data center security market by the year 2018. This figure includes all logical and physical data center components implemented by end users, including both cloud-facilitated security measures used by enterprise and proprietary [...] Read more »

Unhappy Holidays in California

4,800 California families found themselves without Christmas money last week, when a data breach resulted in the delay of over $10 million in child support payments throughout the state. A spokesperson for the California Department of Child Services reports that debit cards issued to the families were canceled en masse after the breach was detected [...] Read more »

SailPoint Survey Highlights IT Weaknesses

A recent SailPoint survey of 500 IT professionals reveals that while more than 80% of enterprise-level businesses are rushing to capitalize on cloud apps and mobile flexibility, nearly 60% are reporting frequent abuses of cloud technology by current and former employees. Additional statistics show that 52% of enterprises admit that cloud apps have allowed some [...] Read more »

2 Million Social Media Users at Risk

Over 2 million users of Facebook, Yahoo, Google, Twitter, and LinkedIn may be at risk of losing control over their accounts, as security firm Trustwave recently uncovered a massive dump of login and password information that appears to have been stolen by malicious keylogging software. Investigation into the identity of the thieves is ongoing, and [...] Read more »

Municipal Data Protection Woefully Inadequate

A team of auditors in the City of Austin performing an annual analysis of the citywide protection of Personally Identifiable Information shows that over half of the highly confidential data gathered and stored by various municipal departments is not secure. The report summary reveals that 52% of personal data collected by the city is not [...] Read more »

UCSF Down $20 Million from Data Breaches

A recent article discussing cybersecurity posted on the University of California San Francisco website reveals that the venerated educational institution has suffered over $20 million in data breach damages since 2005. In an effort to help bring down these continuing costs, UCSF has launched a portal that provides students and faculty with no-nonsense tips and [...] Read more »

Trouble in Ireland

Over 375,000 Irish citizens have had their credit card information compromised in what may be the largest single electronic attack in that nation to date. Systems belonging to Loyaltybuild, a marketing firm that specializes in publicity and customer loyalty, were attacked last week in the wee hours of the night by an unknown number of [...] Read more »

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