Crisis Averted in South Carolina

A public worker at the South Carolina Department of Employment and Workforce Human Resources was terminated after it was determined that the employee had downloaded the personal and confidential information of nearly 5,000 other DEW employees to an unsecured portable data device. The information included names, bank information, and social security numbers, and while investigators [...] Read more »

Unsecure Flash Drive leads to Kaiser Class Action Suit

Kaiser Permanente is staring at a class action lawsuit resulting from the theft of an unsecure flash drive containing the personal and confidential information of 49,000 patients. The documents were stolen late last November from the Orange County Kaiser Anaheim Medical Center, and the plaintiffs in the lawsuit are claiming that they had a reasonable [...] Read more »

4.6 Million SnapChat Users Compromised

Following multiple warnings issued throughout the IT industry last week concerning security vulnerabilities in the SnapChat picture sharing application, including our weekly security hole notification here at DSW, 4.6 million SnapChat users have had their personal information compromised by hackers. While the data stolen was limited to usernames, email addresses, and phone numbers, this is [...] Read more »

Bostonians at Risk

An East Coast restaurant chain has acknowledged that they’ve suffered a severe data breach, putting as many as 21,000 residents and tourists in the Boston area at risk. The Briar Group, owners of a number of bars and eateries throughout the greater Boston area, realized last week that an ongoing intrusion had been occurring since [...] Read more »

Over 18,000 Colorado Public Employees at Risk

Over 18,000 current and former employees for the state of Colorado may have had their personal information stolen after an unsecured flash drive went missing. The employee responsible for the loss stated that she was transporting the USB device between work and home, leading to a flurry of activity in the Colorado Office of Information [...] Read more »

Los Angeles Gay & Lesbian Center Acknowledges Breach

CBS reported last week that the Gay & Lesbian Center in Los Angeles has begun notifying 59,000 current and former clients and employees that their personal information may have been compromised in a recent breach. IT workers discovered an inconsistency in network logging leading to the discovery of an ongoing intrusion that took place between [...] Read more »

Chasing Down Hackers

Over a thousand residents of Maine were notified last week that they are part of 450,000 cardholders that have had their personal information compromised due to a massive breach in the JP Morgan Chase website. A spokesman for Chase announced that the breach has been rectified and that the banking giant is working closely with [...] Read more »

UW Medicine Center Breached

The University of Washington Medicine Department has just begun notifying over 90,000 current and former patients that their personal information was stolen during a breach that occurred late last month. The attack was performed by as yet unidentified intruders who entered UW servers via the use of malware hidden in an email opened by a [...] Read more »

Five More ATM Hackers Imprisoned

Five more arrests have been announced by Federal investigators in a $45 million ATM hackjob that’s already landed eight other individuals in jail. The two-stage operation took place after the cybercriminals had compromised payment processing servers for EnStage and ElectraCard, according to official reports. Attempts to recover the stolen funds are ongoing, as the syndicate [...] Read more »

Great Britain Under Siege

More bad news from across the pond – a storm of electronic attacks against businesses in Ireland, Scotland, and England has compromised the personal and/or financial information of nearly 1.1 million individuals. Tandem attacks against major corporations such as SuperValu, Axa’s Leisure, and ESB have left investigators panting to catch up. While it isn’t yet [...] Read more »

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