The Smart Age

data security in the smart age

As both tech industry workers and consumers, we face a host of challenges. The recent attacks on Adobe, LivingSocial, Target, and Neiman Marcus have put nearly everyone in the country at risk, and the emerging “Internet of Things” promises to compound our security challenges by demanding an entirely new layer of data protection in our [...] Read more »

Firefly Released

Juniper Networks has finally unveiled the much anticipated Firefly Suite – a virtualized security platform that provides a tunnel of data protection to and from the cloud. Incorporating the newly designed Firefly Perimeter, a virtual realization of the Juniper SRX Service Gateway, the Firefly Suite is both granular and dynamic, and can be easily embedded [...] Read more »

Starbucks Scare Overhyped?

A security hole in the Starbucks app discovered by security researcher Daniel Wood reportedly put nearly 10 million users at risk, but it now appears that initial reports on the vulnerability may have been blown out of proportion. While a fault in the app did allow a user to find an unencrypted copy of their [...] Read more »

Crisis Averted in South Carolina

A public worker at the South Carolina Department of Employment and Workforce Human Resources was terminated after it was determined that the employee had downloaded the personal and confidential information of nearly 5,000 other DEW employees to an unsecured portable data device. The information included names, bank information, and social security numbers, and while investigators [...] Read more »

Tech Sector Faces Massive Jobs Deficit

Cisco’s 2014 Annual Security Report reveals a concerning trend in the tech sector – even as overall data security vulnerability nationwide crests a ten-year high, there is a global shortage of nearly 1 million skilled information security professionals. Without a workforce that can provide the skill and talent necessary to shore up data defenses in [...] Read more »

Retail, Data Security, and Smart Cards

Shopping trolley on button of computer keyboard

Speculation is plentiful throughout the tech sector following a report Friday night from Neiman Marcus. According to the retail giant, they’ve suffered a huge data breach that affects untold thousands of credit card customers. As of this writing, no definitive number has been provided by either Neiman Marcus representatives or credible news agencies, but with [...] Read more »

New Bill Augments User Security

This week’s shiny new object arrives gift wrapped from Washington D.C., as legislators on both sides of the aisle have come together to pass a bill that mandates the prompt informing of citizens in the event of a data breach on Prior to the passage of this bill, the White House was not obligated [...] Read more »

Killing the Messenger

An Australian teen who discovered a security hole in the website belonging to the Transport Department of Victoria – Australia’s version of the Department of Transportation – was shocked to find out that his reward for reporting the vulnerability was a trip to jail. After notifying the TDV of the security hole, 16 year old [...] Read more »

Unsecure Flash Drive leads to Kaiser Class Action Suit

Kaiser Permanente is staring at a class action lawsuit resulting from the theft of an unsecure flash drive containing the personal and confidential information of 49,000 patients. The documents were stolen late last November from the Orange County Kaiser Anaheim Medical Center, and the plaintiffs in the lawsuit are claiming that they had a reasonable [...] Read more »

Target Data Breach Tops 100 Million Affected

New information has been released by Target following the massive data breach affecting shoppers who used Target Redcards during the holiday shopping season: Initial estimates were that 40 million accounts had been compromised by hackers, but a recent announcement from Target reveals that nearly 110 million accounts were hijacked, making this one of the top [...] Read more »

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